OLI-NATURA HS HARD OIL-WAX is resistant to the combination. High-Solid oil-wax-professional use. Suitable parquet, wood and cork floors inside. Their product contains no VOCs and is composed of 100% solids. Oil penetrates deep into the wood, wax remaining on the surface of a uniform luster, which can be enhanced further polishing. Thus, processed surface is tough and durable, easy to maintain and resistant to water and dirt. Couple remains open, the tree can breathe easily, which makes the room a positive climate.

OLI-NATURA HS is an open extended survival compared to conventional oil-wax and can be used for about 90 minutes. This product is suitable for use in large-scale impregnating washed laundry facilities.

Application: uncoated wood floors, cork and OSB panels, stairs, doors, table tops.


METHOD plaster application:

The product is applied on the surface by spraying, brush or sponge. Strengthening the effect of plaster application can be repeated. Drying time 30-45 minutes. Waiting until the surface is dry (drying time depends on the ambient and surface temperatures can be 3-4 hours). Best temperature for 15-20 C. Before use Shake well!

Yield 100 g / m²

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