Nubuck Care Kit

Item code: 58014  

The kits provide everything you need to care for your furniture leather. 

Designed for nubuck and suede leather.
250ml Nubuck Cleaner
Water-based Nubuck Cleaner for an effective and delicate cleansing action for suede or nubuck leather.
250ml Ecoguard Nubuck Protector
Ecoguard Nubuck Protector is a waterbased protector for nubuck leather.
1 Reviving Sponge
Reviving Sponge is a dry sponge for bringing back the typical nap effect of nubuck and suede leather.
1 sponge
1 trigger, 1 foamer


We recommend to perform a cleaning and protection cycle at least every six months or whenever it is deemed necessary. After cleaning, even an accidental stain, you should always reapply the protection.       
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